The Minyan at Lincoln, NH


About the Minyan

There are several places to stay that are within walking distance of the minyan. The minyanis sponsored by Chabbad of New Hampshire.   


- Will there be a minyan when I am there?

- Where exactly is the minyan?

- What time is davening

- What resorts are within the Tichum Shabbat?

- Where can I find a Mikveh

- Is there an eruv?

- Is there a cost for attending?

- Are there siddurim and chumashim?

- Are there other seforim?

- What is the nusach?

Minyan Questions?

Will there be a minyan when I am there?
There is NO guarantee that there will be a minyan. The number of people at davening depends on how many vacationers come. Generally, there is a minyan every day and Shabbat during the Summer season.


Please understand that this is not a year-round minyan. It is not an established shul. There is no board, leadership or membership. It is a room that is rented for the summer from the Mountain Club in which vacationers can daven and learn.

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Where exactly is the minyan?
The minyan meets in a space rented for the summer at Days Inn, 557 US-3, Lincoln, NH 03251 in the Clermont Room.


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What time is davening?

There is no set time for davening. Davening times are based on consensus.  During some weeks there may be multiple minyanim at different times.  Generally, times will be posted on the door to the room.  As an approximation;

  • BEFORE Tish B'Av: Shacharit (weekdays): 8:00 AM. Note: there may be additional minyanim based on attendance. 

  • AFTER Tish B'Av: Shacharit (weekdays): 7:00 AM, 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM

  • Mincha (weekdays): At candle lighting time for the next Shabbat. (see zmanim)

  • Ma'ariv (weekdays): Following Mincha. There may be later Ma'ariv minyanim (9:00pm) based on attendance.

  • Mincha / Kabalat Shabbat: There is Mincha and Kabalt Shabbat at 7:00pm, so people can walk home before it gets dark. There may also be a minyan at candle lighting based on attendance.

  • Shacharit (Shabbat): 9:00am. After Tisha B'Av there are usually additional minyanim at 8:00am and 10:00am - based on attendance. 

  • Mincha (Shabbat): At candle lighting time.

  • Motzaei Shabbat: First Ma'ariv is at Candle lighting + 65 minutes.  Second Ma'ariv is at Candle lighting + 90 minutes


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Tichum Shabbat

If you have a question about the Tichum Shabbat contact:
Va'ad Le' Tehum Shabbos  (845) 356-8002.



Is there a Mikveh

There is a mikveh in Bethlehem, NH. The mikveh is next door to the Arlington (Newly re-opened) and is associated Congregation Machzikei Hadath.

The shul and mikveh do not open until July.

Congregation Machzikei Hadath
The Congregation and Mikvah are seperate.
31 Lewis Hill Road (off Main Street)
Bethlehem, NH 03574
(603)869-3336 (Summer only)
Call for Appointment


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Is there an eruv?
No, there is no eruv. (Seriously, did you think there was going to be an eruv?) 


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Is there a cost for attending?
 To cover the rental cost each family is required to pay $25.  Checks can be made out to Chabbad of New Hampshire

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Are there siddurim/chumshim?
There may not be enough siddurim.  If you can, please bring your own. 


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Are there other seforim to study?
At this time there are not.  Please plan to bring your own. 


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- What is the nusach?

Leader's choice.



Common Questions

Will there be a minyan when I am there?


Where should I stay when I come to come to New Hampshire?

What time is davening?

Can I get kosher food in the area?

What vacation activities are in the area?

Where is the closest Mikveh?

Where exactly is the minyan?.



Minyan Fees: There is a required Fee of $25 per family

The minyan is sponsored by Chabbad of New Hampshire. The required fee of $25 per family covers the cost of the rental. Please make checks payable to Chabbad of New Hampshire. There is a place to leave checks in the minyan room.





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